Did you have to cancel your wedding because of COVID 19?

I became an ordain minister so I could see and feel love surrounding me. That special moment when the groom sees his bride and gets teary. When the bride reaches her groom and her I fill of full pure content love. The room fills overwhelmed with anticipantion and happiness for the couple. When someone whether the groom, bride, maid of honor or best man cracks a joke and everyone starts to laugh and cry.

That moment that cannot be explained just felt and yes I am cheesy…lol.

I have a smile from ear to ear because I love that love shown, felt by one another, the little contribution I made to have this couple whether groom/bride, bride/bride or groom/groom look into each other’s eyes and feel safe, comforted by the words they are swearing to one another just fills me with joy! 


What a heart-breaking moment for me to know how many brides and grooms had to cancel their ultimate dream day! I am so sorry for these couples…I pray and wish this virus ends sooner than later so many of you can keep your dates and not have to go through the devastation that many have already been through and are going through now.


  • Home weddings – 10 people max.
  • Check with your county clerk office to see if you can have your wedding conducted virtually.
  • In Colorado you do not an officiant you can swear to one another and go the county clerk sign the documents.

Most of all stay positive, do not let this ruin your relationship, ruin your day or lives. Yes, I know it’s easier said then done but let get through this social distancing and your magical day will come! It will be your dream come true!