How are you adapting to the virtual world we are in now?

It is crazy, I dreamt that when I was older as a little girl watching the show “The Jetsons” that we would live like them. I dreamt of having a cell phone, virtual changing the channel on my TV and communicating with family and friends on a screen. We may not have flying cars but with the pandemic schools are virtual, meetings are virtual, record virtual commercials for our businesses (online marketing) and can watch news and/or shows on any one of the devices we own.

OMG….Can you believe it? I cannot believe it, it’s so unbelievable. We are self isolating due to COVID19 but can still thrive at home by communicating with others via multiple ways. Lol…how many movies have we watched that made us self isolate, mask ourselves from a virus or have our town be ghost towns by 7pm. What a mixture of movies all in one, it’s crazy, now no matter what race you are you need to be careful do to protests and riots.

What is next? What will we have to live through next?

The world as we knew it is no longer what we lived in years ago.

Adapting to the virtual world we live in is overwhelming for many. Yet our children are growing up in a social media driven world. Everything has changed, we have reporters on every corner! I mean no disrespect to anyone, but we easily can live stream anything that is happening instantly. Not much has changed humanly, we are what we are there is good and bad everywhere. However, now we do not have to wait to see, read or become aware of the news. Because it is instantly uploaded for us to see anywhere around the world, physically from any number of devices.

I wish everyone love, kindness, peace, wealth, health and safety!